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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  November 21, 2009 11:30pm-12:05am EST

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>> brent: second down and ten. masoli working back to the middling. they've got to hurry. >> kirk: they've got to use the time-out here. stop the clock. still two time-out, able to use one of them here. students are thinking, this game's over. pthey better be careful. >> brent: they just want to be in a good spot to rush the field, in case it is over. >> kirk: good seats for overtime.% >> brent: the red-out tonight in tucson, another sell-out crowd. jim livengood, the athletic
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director here. the women's softball team, the baseball.% pit's not just football. they have great teams. final 31 seconds now. oregon trying to force overtime. third down and five. that one time out remaining. first down marker. somebody open. trying to get %- trying to position the receiver and has to throw it away. and we're down to the fourth down. could not get the kind of reaction from the wide receiver that he wanted that time. >> kirk: but i think he got a little greedy there. he had his back leaking out of the backfield. either did that or waiting for ed dickson to clear into the end
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zone. he lamichael james for a short down if he wanted it. i think he was focused on the big gain. >> brent: here's your fourth down. seconds. time-out has been called by stoops and arizona. all three to go, has his brother mark right there. remember, mike was a safety up at iowa. played for hayden frey then went into coaching worked for bill snyder, kansas state on the defensive side of the ball. went with his brother bob down to oklahoma became the defensive coordinator. about six years ago, became the head coach here. brought brother mark to come out as the defensive coordinator. mark stoops has been offered a few head coaching jobs but he's very satisfied to stay here in tucson. his name will come out again during the coaching derby that will break out over the next
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couple of weeks. >> kirk: while you're bringing that, i think mark stoops, people talk about him, he's the brother of mike stoops and bob stoops, i think mark has now been able to build up a resume pto really show what he can do with one of the top defensive minds in the country. >> brent: fourth down and five. it has come to this. here's masoli. fires. got the first down. 18 ticks of the clock left. maehl, the reliable one. >> kirk: got to make quick decisions here. chip kelly trying to get everything in. >> brent: 15 yards away. rolls to the left. fires. out of bounds. stop the clock. that is davis. 11 ticks here. >> kirk: still a chance for two or maybe three shots into the end zone. again, with that time-out, if use that time-out.hey can still
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>> brent: dickson and maehl has been go-to guys. masoli, lobs we're one point away from a tie. eddie dickson, with six seconds to go. with six seconds to go, makes the grab in the end zone! and now a big extra point coming up for morgan flint. some of the students ready to storm the field are an extra point away from maybe ing back to watch overtime. six ticks left. morgan flint. bad snap. put down. he saves it. nate costa was the holder with a good pair of hands that time. we're deadlocked. >> kirk: brent, how about ed dickson making a little move to
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the outside to get just enough room, getting away from robert golden. he was flexed out. a little move to the outside. golden bit on it.% then he goes back to the middle of the field and a perfect throw. and how about the poise by jeremiah masoli, leading his team down all the way down the field. and here's mike and mark stoops. a bit frustrated there. but amazing drive with the game on the line by oregon and jeremiah masoli. six seconds left. >> brent: and foles starts to limber up. br brnd. >> brent: look at some of the students making a run back to the seat. what a job costa did with that hold. he didn't panic.
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he got it set down. >> kirk: i didn't realize the snap was bad. >> brent: it was bad. costa did a brilliant job saving the moment. >> kirk: oh, my gosh. you can imagine, after all of that by masoli and the offense. >> brent: the final six seconds of regulation. they'll kick it along the ground. they'll take a knee. >> kirk: can we see the hold one more time? i just can't believe it could come down to a simple thing like the extra point, which you just assume is a given. but the backup quarterback, nate cost that, takes the one-hopper. he's like a shortstop. sign him up for the ducks baseball team. it is so critical that he didn't panic. he set it there and morgan's timing wasn't thrown off. he hesitated enough. so we will go to overtime. the battle for the rose bowl continues in tucson. do you know why so many people love to fly southwest airlines?
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tough call. dealer: well, during the volkswagen sign then drive event you can get a jetta, tiguan or award winning cc for practically just your signature. and volkswagen even covers scheduled maintenance at no cost. it can't be that easy... that was pretty easy. they'll go on defense. that's the preferred selection, if you win the coin toss. and you know what you have to match or be to continue povertime. so our rules are, and, of course, the ducks chose the end of the field, that they will have on offense. and no game clock, obviously. and starting with the third overtime, you have to go for the two-point conversion.
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earlier today, connecticut and notre dame went two overtimes in south bend. that game was won by uconn. and here tonight, with the rose bowl and so much at stake for both of these teams, you can see that oregon's been involved in quite a few more overtime games. let's take people through the highlight, herbie. >> kirk: well, it started looking like oregon was going to be able to walk away. a 14-0 lead. arizona held their own, they got an interception. hit a touchdown. got to 14-10. from that point on, it looked like arizona was in charge. oregon fought back. they got themselves in striking distance. criner goes the distance. looks like arizona pulls away with the victory. only six seconds left, arizona gets the touchdown to tie the game up. >> brent: first play for the ducks. masoli, incomplete. it will be second down and ten.
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>> kirk: like we were saying, this is what it should be like, 31-31, both teams controlling their destiny to get to a championship game, hopefully, the rose bowl. there's our man. he's been doing it all night, devin ross fighting for the football. >> brent: here comes james. bursting middle. five. first and goal. lamichael james who tonight said pac-10 does it again.rd for the >> kirk: how about his jump cuts. how quickly he accelerates off of them. if you give him a little bit of room, virtually impossible for a linebacker to make a tackle. >> brent: now first and goal for masoli. they check back over to the end zone. i should say the sideline. the coaches upstairs have had a chance to see what arizona will set up, what kind of personnel they've got. and whatever it was they came up with big earl mitchell. can't say enough about that defensive tackle, number 49.
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>> kirk: yeah, he's been all over the field. looks like james may have to check out of this game. they'll bring in andre crenshaw to the football game. remember, brent, again, we've seen it over the year, when oregon gets inside of a 5 yard line, their big trend is to get the ball in the hands of masoli to keep it in the end zone. >> brent: not going to make it. that was crenshaw. hit by tuihalamaka. so tuihalamaka, number 8, stands in that hole and makes the play. >> kirk: tuihalamaka that time holding on for dear life. phe didn't have to defend the speed of james who had to check out nor the power of crenshaw.
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>> brent: james is back. masoli rolling to the left. fires, end zone. and coming up with a brilliant catch is jeff maehl. >> kirk: let me tell you something, brent. i don't know if there are very many receivers in the pac-10 conference much better than jeff maehl. 6'1", 175 pounds. looks like he grew up playing backyard football his whole life. always coming up with receptions like this in crucial moments in the game. lays out and makes the catch of the year at this point for the oregon offense. >> brent: the extra point is tacked on.
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now, arizona nds to match a seven. it will be up to nick foles and the wildcat offense. >> kirk: jeff maehl comes all the way from the right side. he's going to fight the top corner, devin ross, never gives up on the play. and i love at the very end, brent, he came back towards the football. taking away the angle for ross to be able to get his hand extended to knock the ball away. just at the end. he started to come back towards the football which gave him a chance to make that catch. that was beautiful. >> brent: nwoko will be the running back behind foles. there's that little flare screen. dean, the receiver. and cliff harris, the freshman, defending it. it will be second down. >> kirk: yeah, ward got -- was
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able to make a pretty good read that time. came up quick. but really, it's the young freshman, cliff harris, getting off of the block. you know, by the time the field, there was nowhere to go. swarming defense on that play. >> brent: second down and nine. nwoko. and that will bring up third down. and we cannot stress the importance of what this night means for both of these teams. trying to make it to pasadena to take on ohio state. oregon state defeating washington state earlier. so if the ducks can hang on, they would play oregon state on a thursday night on espn for the right to go to the rose bowl at pasadena. but first things first.
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third and four for the wildcats. and they're still alive. first and ten. nwoko carrying the load as grigsby reinjured that shoulder tonight. >> kirk: oregon just guessed wrong that time with the blitz from paysinger, the linebacker, he shot through the wrong gap. nwoko was able to get through that hole. but paysinger took himself out of position by coming more to the middle of the offensive line. >> brent: booth now the running back. gets the call. the senior from naperville, illinois. >> kirk: how about grant, the right tackle there. he didn't have anybody to block.
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booth actually slowing down the ball carrier. >> brent: second down and seven for foles, back in the gun. throws the running play. loose ball. oregon digging for it. ducks say they've got it. if so, it's over. if they've got this loose ball. ducks are celebrating. hang on now, they're coming out. and arizona has got the football on the other side. herman hall who is the backup left guard standing there saying, boy, after you got done wrestling and pointing, i've got something you might want. herman hall holding the football. you got 440-pounders fighting
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for it. big dotsy, 70, looking for that football. they're going to give it to arizona. how would you like to be at the bottomf that one, brent? you don't even want to know what's going on on the bottom of that pile. >> brent: third down and seven. need a touchdown and an extra point to keep going. let's see if we're going to have a little review here. >> referee: the previous play is under further review. i'm not sure anybody could see anything there. what do you say is your new rule. >> kirk: what exactly is he going to look at here? got some wide bodies in here. pushing each other around.
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it loo like oregon has it. they were pretty confident running off the field, thinking one of those white jerseys ended up falling on the football. >> brent: here we go. third down coming up. nwoko has checked back in. so he'll be the running back. 38-31. first overtime. oregon with the lead pump fake by foles. in trouble. deep trouble. and a penalty flag is thrown. pass was incomplete. and stoops being retrained a little bit here. >> kirk: i think he wanted a
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late hit on his quarterback. >> brent: tukuafu was in on it. >> referee: personal foul, face mask. first down. >> brent: so tukuafu incurs the personal foul. >> kirk: foles, remember last week, against cal, where he had that decision where the ball came back to him and he ended up catching it and trying to throw it again. kind of reminds you of that as he rolling to his right. really didn't see anything there with the face mask. >> brent: it looked like -- it looked like he wrapped around a little bit herbie with the other hand. that one view indicated that he was possibly there. that official had a good look at it. first down and goal. nothing doing.
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for nwoko. t.j. ward brought the hammer. and didn't celebrate the hammer this time either. >> kirk: t.j. ward, what he was healthy, remember, he had that high ankle against boise state. when ward is back there controlling the defense, you seem to see more and more hits coming from the back end. >> brent: second down and goal. foles on a short drop. fires to the end zone. for the touchdown. and extra point away, and for criner, his third touchdown catch of the night. a breakout night for juron criner, the sophomore from las vegas.% >> kirk: great job by foles. watch his footwork. watch his patience. waiting for criner to work back
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to the outside. he had a slant officially designed to go back to the middle. it's taken away by two defenders. he slides back to the outside. and foles hanging in there with him.%-p>> brent: alex zendejas t on. and that one was moving too fast to the right. - once, during a difficult time in my life, my mom gave me some advice. to love, to hope, to the world. those words changed my life and inspired my open hearts collection
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at kay jewelers. kay was the perfect choice to help me and eternal. you were right, mom. keep your heart open, and love will always find its way in. >> brent: welcome back to the second overtime. pi'm brent musburger with kirk herbstreit and lisa salters. deadlocked at 38-38. you know the rules, if arizona scores here they get back to score the second overtime. >> kirk: i mentioned criner worked to the inside because of the slant. it's taken away. he bounces back to the outside. the ball is perfecy thrown low and away for cline tore make the -pmike stoops loves to see it. e this game up.%g go for one.%-
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arizona now gets the football. >> brent: why is it necessary to bring the captains back to the % middle of the field, when under the rules, arizona gets the ball at the 25 yard line. >> kirk: it's going to happen one way or another. >> brent: help me with this. is somebody going to change the side of the field or not take it? >> kirk: all i know is, we're in our second overtime late on a saturday night. and the pac-10 championship is on the line as far as getting in the driver's seat to get to potentially a pac-10 champiship. pwe wouldn't want it any other way than a chance to get to the granddaddy of them all, right?
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>> brent: i have been in three over times but that was the phoenix suns. >> kirk: you didn't have a red eye, did you? >> brent: no, how about you? >> kirk: no, i'm good. >> brent: first down and ten for foles. he fakes the flare pass. goes back down. incomplete. out of the back of the end zone. so criner has been the go-to guy here tonight. made a leaping catch for the first touchdown. pulled away, a 71-yarder. and then moments ago, his third touchdown of the game in overtime. it is now second down and ten.
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fresh the back side.% throws it away. it will be third down and ten. kenny rowe, number 58. going to be mentioned on all-pac-10 teams. he's a junior out of long beach, california. and he is a good one. >> kirk: first down was a throw-away down. they really didn't have a chance to execute on the first play. set up second and ten. second and ten really a one-receiver route, either criner was going to beat his man, but the coverage downfield on criner that forced him into that throw. >> brent: foles. nothing doing. so that was ferras.
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blake ferras, the senior from san jose making the defensive play. crin.rk: this is a touchdown for he hit it perfectly. it was against the blitz. he got behind the blitz. the lineman went down the field. got it for a touchdown. no shot that time. >> brent: alex zendejas. this is a 41-yarder. made one from 47. missed that 24-yarder so here we go. slides it in for the field goal. oregon can win it with a touchdown. settle for a field goal, and we'll move to the third overtime. >> kirk: zendejas being pretty consistent tonight. he's missed one. but that one, not only the distance, he's been very accurate. especially when the pressure has
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been on. now, let's see what jeremiah masoli and the oregon offense can do against the pesky wildcat defense. >> brent: masoli. inside the 5 yard line. first down with ed dickson who caught the tying touchdown pass. >> kirk: it's right here, sneaking out. really, it's like a wheel route from a fullback. they get him downfield. nobody picks him up. they were focused on maehl on the post of the field. it opened up with big ed dickson. >> brent: will it be masoli or james? will it be james or will it be masoli?
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james. short of the end zone.% a yard away, herbie, from making a rose bowl showdown at home against arizona state. >> kirk: the reason masoli does% that each time. he's trying to gate a read from upstairs on who they want to option, whether a defensive end or defensive lineman. >> brent: second and goal. masoli. he is stopped. it will be third down. >> kirk: great job that time. they knew to expect masoli, keeping it at 15. xavier kelley lowering the boom right there in the hole. you also saw big earl mitchell pcoming from the back side. but really, it was about xavier kelley making that read and keeping masoli out of the end zone.
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>> brent: oregon wins it! the bucks will play oregon state in eugene for the right to go to the rose bowl! they fought to the bitter end here tonight. let's go to lisa. >> lisa: thanks brengt. chip, what was the key to the game-tying drive at the end of the regulation? >> jeremiah masoli is a heck of a quarterback. we never think we're out of
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anything. we pride ourselves on finishing. hats off to them. mike stoops does a great job. >> lisa: what started going right for you? p>> you're going to sustain. it's ebb and flow. it was a heck a football game. ducks had a tough lead. >> lisa: congratulations. guys. >> kirk: brent, how fitting that it comes down to a play for masoli to have a chance to lead his team into the end zone for a touchdown and a victory in a hard-fought game. you can see the mutual admiration and respect from both head coaches when they met each other at mitt field there. masoli fights his way and leading his team to a come from behind victory in a hostile environment in tucson. that's a big win. >> brent: there have been civil wars in oregon but there has not been one as big as the one that's coming up on the night of december 3rd.
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oregon and oregon state will play for the right to go to the rose bowl. the ducks do it here tonight in tucson. thanks for watching espn on abc. we're going take you to times square for the ford wrap-up with john saunders and jesse palmer. -pwelcome to the ford wrap-up. open.ty pac-10 is still wide &- there's still things to be decided. but the big 12, we know who is there.g in the championship gam- we know texas longhorns had to win in kansas to get there. colt mccoy. to jordan shipley. special teams he's the favorite& target for his quarterback colt mccoy. >> so they will face the winner of kansas state and nebraska. ro roye eilo jr.
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the question is does nebraska have any chance against texas? >> they have a chance. the reason why is defense. beau pelini's defense has been dominated this year. heading into tonight's game, they've given up less than 11 points game. you go back early in the season, huge win against oklahoma. it's the first time in ten years oklahoma has been held without an offensive touchdown. the defense from nebraska gives them a chance. >> so you're saying there's a chance. all right. notre dame was supposed to be a big story this year but not for the reason they are a big story& charlie weis has 33 seniors on his team. a little tear in his eye as they played their final game at home. will it be a win against uconn. overtime. andre dixon. this was the story. they could not stop the run all day long. uconn wins in overtime. 6-5 now, possibly looking at 6-6 for charlie weis. >> at the start of the season,
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this is a schedule everybody said was taylor made for notre 6-5 right now, staring at 6-6, getting ready on the road. you look at the numbers for charlie weis and notre dame, they simply don't lie. they still have yet to beat a team with fewer than four losses. charlie weisas the worst winning percentage than tyrone willingham and bob davie. two coaches that were fired because they couldn't get it done. notre dame say team that expects to win and they expect to win that has not happened in the five year career of charlie weis at notre dame. >> they're going to lose skilled players next year as well. don't forget, be with us this friday for a special double don't forget, be with us this friday for a special double helder of college football. captions by vitac


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